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Hyolmo Dress ???

There is so much confusion in this (Hyolmo dress)case which has been created in our people. In context to Hyolmo (Helambu) our dress is Daura Suruwal which is also called LAPTAR FUNGSHO in Hyolmo language; here Laptar refers to Daura and Fungsho refers to white or black woolen jacket made from sheep ( made in Hyolmo) and Nyolkuti Gapti ( Khukuri, special knife).Still we can see people are using this methed of making it . Context to Tibet dress is Chhuba.Our origin Starts from Tibet, Mongolia,China,Bhutan etc....When we talk about Hyolmo/Yolmo/ Helambu we are talking about that particular place. I was born there and raised there; till now people have been wearing daura suruwal and fungsho as a dress.

    Hyolmo kids before 1970 in  Hyolmo .

I think this dress is particularly our Hyolmo dress. We have been wearing for long time since Hyolmo is there and this dress are made in Hyolmo.
Every people have the right to speak ……In this topic people have mentioned so many things but some things are still very unclear. Some of my Hyolmo friends said that our dress should be Chhuba…… I won’t say no if it is in context to Tibet, Sherpa’s, etc but we are not Tibetans…We are Hyolmos …we came from Hyolmo. If we go farther than that we could be anything… In hyolmo we have Gale family who came from Gurung, Sherpa family who came from Solu, Tamang family,Magar family etc…who became to Hyolmo and adopted Hyolmo culture (who have been living there for a long time), Lhoba family who came from China to Tibet and Bhutan to Hyolmo. People from China like..Chineya lama and other people from Mongolia….etc

Now if we keep on searching for our pre-existing ancestral history we are in for a long ride….
If anyone wanted to adopt Chubba as Hyolmo dress then I don't object...It is their wish and right to wear it. Mean time speak Tibetan language instead of Hyolmo and called yourself Tibetan not Hyolmo. Hyolmo Language totally different from Tibetan.May be some words might be  similar which doesn't mean we are Tibean. Even Hindi and Nepali, some spoken or written words are similar which doesn't mean Indian and Nepali.
Hyolmo culture is defined as particular society at the particular time and place.
Some of friends said:
1. We came from Tibet and we have similar language, culture and religion that’s why we should wear Chhuba even during social meetings.
2. We are Buddhist and we have to wear chhuba, 3. Daura suruwal is our national dress….. and Rana regime forced us to wear daura suruwal…..?
My answer :
1) If anybody came from Tibet then it is better to called themselves Tibetan. Here we Hyolmo came from Hyolmo and we are talking about Hyolmo which is in Nepal not in Tibet. We have unique culture which is different than others. When someone dies we do “Gyewa”. On that day we do Mani dance which is introduced by Guru Rinpoche, called “Mani Tsyopa”. We make “Babar and Thongse” special cultural dish on Losar and we usually celebrate Losar a month earlier then Tibetan, there is the practice of marrying one’s maternal uncle’s aunt’s daughter etc….
2) Yes, most of the Hyolmo practice Buddhism it doesn’t mean we have to wear Chuba. I don’t think it is mentioned to wear Chhuba in the Buddhist philosophy or in the Buddhist text. Founder of Buddhism “Buddha” was born in Nepal and has never been to Tibet. If you are talking about yogi who brought Buddhism to Tibet “Guru Rinpoche” who is also known as “Urgen Pema Jungne ” then he was born near east Pakistan or Ost-Pakistan . After that he went to Tso-Pema, India. While practicing religion, rumors were spread that Guru and princess Mandarava acted improperly. So the king ordered to burn Guru. (Long history)After that Guru reincarnated from Lotus and that’s how we called Padmasamvawa. So if we follow Buddha and Guru then we need to wear kind of Dhoti or something else….Before Guru there was no Buddhism in Tibet that they practice as `Bon``.
3) If Daura suruwal could be cultural dress of indigenous people like Tamang, Newar, Thakali and other then how come Hyolmo wearing daura suruwal is national dress? Top of that we have unique dress and like Fungsho, Nambu Kara ( Scraf) and Ngolkoti Gapti, which is made in Hyolmo . As we all know our ancestor were yak and sheep herding people in Hyolmo. Fungsho is made there and still people using it. My point is that what ever we utilize and make in that particular place should be our cultural dress.
If daura suruwal is national dress then let’s go back to our history. Our Hyolmo’s history goes much further than 800 years and up. while daura suruwal was introduced as a national dress after the time of King Prithivi Narayan shah. Does anyone notice that the King of Nepal Prithivi Narayan shah was wearing something other than Daura Surwal. If we count the years after Prithivi narayan shah who united Nepal then it has been approximately 250 years but our history goes much further than that. If Rana regime had forced us to wear daura suruwal, then why was it only implied to us (Hyolmo people)? Is it because we are near to Kathmandu? If so, then there are so many other places surrounding Kathmandu and I can still see that they are wearing Chhuba why not Daura Suruwal (That’s what our guys called National dress)
Nowadays, People found other cultural dresses and languages are fascinating and hesitate to wear their own cultural dress. This is my opinion, I might be wrong but dress is not only solution to develop our Hyolmo. There so many things to be done ……. Future of Hyolmo is in our hand; let’s preserve our Hyolmo culture by mutual understanding. Hyolmo song..... Hyolmo jhorang jhosye, Yabu jhorang jhosey , Jhojey namyang mindu sampa tsera tsera namyang mindu sempa tsera tsera. Horang thuindang thuinjey, yabu bhetie thuinjey, thuinjey nayang mindu sempa tsera tsera , Namyang mindu semapa tsera tsera...... Ohhhhhhhhh lhaso

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