Sunday, July 6, 2008

Lee Kuan Yew Ko Khojema

Nepal needs leader like Lee Kuan Yew. Just because of this one man looks at safe and tidy Singapore . Just after 1965 he brought Singapore from third world status to first .Its founding father ,Lee Kuan Yew should be of great interest to people of other developing countries, including the Nepalese people and to all those who are interested in Nepal’s fate. Lee transformed the country from a poor and decrepit colony into a shining, rich and modern metropolis- all the time surrounded by hostile powers. With his brilliant incisive intellect, he is one of the world’s most outspoken and respected statesmen. He is one of the brightest and ablest men born in Asia . We can learn a lot about the thinking of one of this century’s truly visionary statesman. For a country to rise from the threshold of subsistence to one of the highest living standards in the world in just 30 years is not a common achievement. Mr. Lee has a most brilliant mind, transforming the most exacting standards into a system of government .Many people in the west have profited from his wisdom and explanation of Asian values. He was legend almost single Poor Island . Indeed, he is one the greatest Asia leader s that other leader have witnessed. Upon leaving his office he can find an open door to every head of the state or government any where in the world

The present situation (Before Naya Nepal) of Nepal is getting worse and worse. When a mother is crying with blood and war broke out between brothers, and when sisters are raped by their own sons. Fathers are doing nothing but trying to pull each others legs, and fighting for a chair where they are unable and don’t have ability to sit. When I was small my teacher taught me “Ghumne Mech Mathi Andho Manchhe” written by Bhupi Serchan. This word can be applied for our leaders. I hope our new Nepal government will not repeat those mistake again. They should have learned good listen. Lets see what happens.

In the past , many people have lost their parents and family. Many innocent people and school childrens were kidnapped, and instead of pens they gave away guns. In the dark night security personnel or Maoists enter into homes and kidnapped Nepali sons or daughters. Many get killed or disappeared. What happened with human rights that time? What happen with our laws. Innocent people don't have right to live? Why every time poor and innocent people lose and don’t get chance to rule?

Nepali Ama is asking, “Where is peace”? to everyone, do we have answer for that? Where is that Nepal where Late His Majesty King Birendra Bir Vikram Shaha Dev declared a “Peace Zone”? In Nepal , when the whole kingdom has plunged into propound despair and despondence we need a person like “Lee Kuan Yew”. If Singapore was developed with the resolve and initiative by one single person, then why not Nepal ?

Thus we need a person who knows how to run country smoothly…. Not like old leaders of Nepal who only fight for their own benefit and chair (power)

Every great achievement is a dream before it becomes reality. A leader’s vision should be for a state that will simply survive, but one that will prevail by exchanging and giving privilege and equal opportunity to all the caste and sub-castes, without discrimination and social injustice. Lee Kuan Yew has shown us vision, and only once Nepal embraces that vision can leap it forward like other developed nations. I wish Nepal could have leader like Lee Kuan Yew. Hope this “Naya Nepal” will lead our country into right direction.

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