Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hyolmo Festival in Gosainkunda

Gosainkunda is well known for Buddhist and Hindu religion.Gosainkunda is also known as"Karpu Tsogar Tsona" in Hyolmo It is located at 4,380 meters above the sea level; Gosainkunda is rich in scenic beauty and holds an important place in religious terms too. The Hindu mythology has it that the Lord Shiva dipped in this pond to relieve excruciating pain after he swallowed poison to save the world. And thereafter this pond was named as Gosainkunda. Due to its religious value every year on the occasion of Janai Purnima, religious fair is organized at Gosainkunda where thousands of pilgrims visit to take a dip in the water. Two fairs are organized in Gosainkunda every year, one during Dashain and another in Janai Purnima. The number of pilgrims is more at Gosainkund during Janai Purnima than in Dashain. According to the mythology it is believed that if a person takes a dip in the pond on this day and pays visit to the Shiva's temple then they will easily attain nirvana. Gosainkund can be reached through three, Rasuwa, Nuwakot and Sindhupalchok

On the Janai Purnima we can see Hyolmo, Tamang etc. Shaman (Jangri) witch doctors dance. At that day crowed of Hyolmo people perform the Hyolmo dance near Gosainkunda Lake for night. According to the Hyolmo and people who live near Gosainkunda believes that once of on a time the huge and black snake killed so many people and witch doctor tried to killed the black snake with his power. At that time the Jangri told his wife to hold his drum and let her to closed her both eyes and recite the mantra. He told her not to look in any condition. The Jangri went inside the pound and fought with the black snake. The wife of Jangri heard the loud noise and she looked at the pound. She saw her husband caught a huge snake. At the mean time he was pulled inside the pound by snake since Jangri warned her not to look but she did. So, his mantra became useless. From that particular day people dance religious dance for remembrance of Jangri called "Mani Tsopa"( Religious dance) which is like prayer in Buddhist.In the video you can see the people who were dancing around the house.

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